Hello everyone in the cyberspace a.k.a internet!

The name’s Tim, born and bred here in South-East Asia, it cannot be seen on the world map because we’re that small, some call us the Red Dot, some say we have are one of the cleanest countries in Asia and its called SINGAPORE!!

You must be puzzled about the title, why mouse?

It was an alternative to a Rat, which is the 1st animal of the 12 ChineseĀ ZordiacĀ animals. Mouse sounds cuter and nicer too! Lol…

What am I doing?

I am a meeting planner/conference manager by profession and this will be my part-time hobby and learning tool. Hope to bring you more content as time goes by and I hope will be in the direction of travel.

I shall not go on any further to spoil the fun, I will share more about myself in the blog and slowly including vlogs. So, let’s start the first post for the year of 2017, just after the Lunar New Year!