Dinner at BonChon

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In the recent years, Singapore experienced a phenomenon after the ever popular and crazy J-pop (Japanese pop culture), its K-pop (Korean pop culture)!! Duh!!!

Being in Asia, there ain’t many things to be crazy about. J-pop started with the handsome and pretty actor and actress in their local drama series, a little like the Hong Kong dramas too. Then the introduction to Japanese music, and from there many industries such as clothing, accessories, cuisine, F&B and video benefited from this. But unfortunately, the craze died down after a few years and K-pop too over like a storm and has been strong since.

There are many Korean eateries opening up in Singapore, some with themes from their Korean drama series. However, the one I will be sharing is not a theme cafe but more of a particular dish, Korean fried chicken, just like KFC, but with a twist!

In short, KFC fries their chicken with all salt, pepper, spices, etc with the batter and serve it piping hot. The Korean fried chicken has an additional step, that is the sauce it’s coated with. Koreans love their chillies, kimchi and spices, so some of the flavours of the sauce include, Original – thick sauce with chilli, Soy Garlic –

Koreans love their chillies, kimchi and spices, so some of the flavours of the sauce include, Original – thick sauce with chilli, Soy Garlic – thick sauce of garlic cooked in soy sauce and reduced. These are the 2 sauces mainly used with Korean fried chicken, its not for dipping but rather the chicken is tossed in the sauce so its coated nicely on the outside of the chicken. It gets messy when you start eating but that’s the fun!

If you like to learn how to make Korean Fried Chicken, its really simple and fun. There are so many recipes online, go google “Korean Fried Chicken Recipes”. One of the sites I found useful was from No Recipes, the introduction was concise and the instructions are clear, the author also includes the recipe for the sauce.

Below is a restaurant I visited at CompassOne in Sengkang, North-East of Singapore. Its one of the many franchises in Singapore, BonChon. We had the Valentine’s special which includes:

Army Stew: instant noodles, luncheon meat, enoki mushrooms, kimchi vegetables, toepoki and chilli. This is a stew which was introduced in the Korean army where soldiers have limited time to eat thus throwing everything into a pot, boil it and fill their stomachs thus the name.


This is the chicken wings mentioned above, we ordered the soy garlic chicken wingswp-1487560479626.jpg

Cheese fries which you all will agree its not a Korean cuisinewp-1487560486705.jpg

So this are all the dishes we had for 2 people and I was so stuffed. There was a bowl of rice and drinks all for $41.90++ which was reasonable.wp-1487560494617.jpg

I hope you enjoy my post and if you like to see more of this, leave me a like or a positive comment below so that I know we out there like it. I enjoy doing it for leisure and I am sure you love eating too.





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