Post Valentine’s @ Ivins

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So yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I trust YOU the reader had some fun time with either your partner or friends. It’s not necessarily for couples or lovers, I heard that in Japan the culture was that it was the day that they confess their love to the guy they like and a month later in March on 14, they will give an answer to the girls. That was something new I learnt from my lovely wife.

This is one of the better Peranakan cuisines I have tried in my life. To find out more about this particular restaurant’s history, please follow the story at Daniel Food Diary.

What is Peranakan/Nonya cuisine? In layman terms its a mix of Malay and Chinese cuisines. The cuisine came about when the Chinese came to Malaysia or Singapore to settle for a better life, in the process, they marry the locals here which were mainly Malays. And these marriages are commonly between Malays and Chineses. For more detail, you may want to refer to Wikipedia.

Ivins at Heartland Mall (nearest MRT station: Kovan)

The food served here is very authentic, reasonable prices and of good portion. We both had a little took much as I was a little greedy. We had…

A very common Peranakan dish: Ayam Buah Keluak! Sedap! (Delicious)


Otak Otak another simple dish made of ground fish meat wrapped in banana leaf grilled over charcoal.


This is a new dish we tried, Sweet Potato leaves with sweet potato


Itek Tim (Salted Vegetable Duck Soup)


Sambal Sotong (Scrimp paste chilli stirred fried with squid)


Lastly, just to share the menu, it has a good variety of food and every time I visit I just want everything on the menu…


Pardon the menu, I cannot rotate it in WordPress hahahaha… If you know how to do it, share it in the comments below!

Below are the details:

Ivins @ Heartland Mall

205 Hougang Street 21
#02-00 Heartland Mall
Singapore 530205

Overall, the post-Valentine’s date was nice despite a busy day in the office for us and we were so tired.

I hope you all have enjoyed my post. Leave your comments below on what you like or don’t like, ie. my writing too much or not enough. I appreciate you dropping by and hope my sharing has opened your palette to new cuisines.


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