Pu Tien @ Marina Square

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Below is a sharing from the Pu Tien website about their food and cuisine. I thought I share with those who are not Singapore locals. And if you are visiting Singapore and have a little extra cash to splurge, this is one of my recommendations.

PUTIEN – Tasty, Simple & Heart-Warming Comfort Food


This chain of restaurants have been one of my favorite places to eat because of the cuisine it serves, COMFORT food!

So today we had team lunch with the boss and since it was still within the 15 days of the lunar new year, why not! We had to do the Lo Hei (which is tossing the Yu Sheng)!

So starting off with the main dish, Yu Sheng!


It’s time to toss and wish for everything your heart desires! While doing so, say positive and nice things ie. wishing one and all good health, may the business this year be good, hope that the clients will be nicer, etc. Hahaha…


As the dishes stream in we have: Pork Belly with garlic saucewp-image-53681857jpg.jpg

Beancurd skin roll


Garlic chicken


“Shark’s fin” soup (the look alike but with other stuff inside)


Sweet and sour deep fried squirrel fish


Abalone! Each for one musketeer


Longevity noodles


Glutinous rice balls with red bean soup


So after sure a heavy and big lunch, it was time to rush off to a meeting and let’s hope I don’t fall asleep! Lol!!!

Below is the details of the outlet I visited!

Do feel free to leave your comments and questions below! Till the next meal! Cheers!

6 Raffles Boulevard,
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6336 4068


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