What is 立春 ?

立春 signifies the start of spring in the Chinese calendar.

As a Singaporean, we are a multi-racial society. There’s the main ethnic group of Chinese, followed by Malay, Indians, Eurasians and other minority groups.

**Disclaimer: Singaporean Chinese and China Chinese are different. We are considered the westernised Chinese, just similar in colour**

Lichun traditionally signifies the beginning of spring in East Asian cultures. Chinese New Year is celebrated around this time. Farmers often celebrate the beginning of Lichun with special village events, worship and offerings to the gods and ceremonies for a blissful and prosperous new year. In China, people eat chūnbǐng (春餅) on this day.

In the lunisolar calendar, New Year’s Day might be before or after Lichun. A year without Lichun is called 無春年 (no spring year). 無春年 is also known as 寡婦年 (widow year) in northern China or 盲年 (blind year) in southern China. Marriage is believed to be unlucky in a year without Lichun.[2]

In the Republic of China, Lichun has been Farmer’s Day since 1941.[3]

In Singapore, there is a practice of depositing money into bank accounts on Lichun which many believes will bring them good fortune.[4]

**Extracted from Wikipedia, reference from various authors in highlighted links

This year is a little special as 立春 coincides with人日 which according to Chinese customs, the day human beings were created. It is celebrated not only in China, but also other regions influenced by Chinese culture.

Renri (人日, literally Human Day) refers specially to the 7th day of zhengyue (正月, the first month in the Chinese calendar).

According to Questions and Answers on Rites and Customs (答問禮俗說) by Dong Xun in Jin Dynasty, the days on which different animals were created are:

First of zhengyue : Chicken
Second of zhengyue : Dog
Third of zhengyue : Boar
Fourth of zhengyue : Sheep
Fifth of zhengyue : Cow
Sixth of zhengyue : Horse
Seventh of zhengyue : Human.

By Book of Divinationan (占書),an earlier of publication by Dongfang Suo in Western Han Dynasty, on the eighth of zhengyue was the creation of cereal.

Hence, Chinese tradition set the first day of zhengyue as the “birthday” of chicken, the second day of zhengyue as the birthday of dog, etc. And the seventh day of zhengyue is viewed as the common “birthday” of all human beings.

**Extracted from Wikipedia, reference from various authors in highlighted links

Below are some images of our dinner tonight with my in-laws. We celebrated with Yu Sheng, a compulsory dish which is believed to be closely associated with 人日. As in the past fishermen will harvest their catches and place slices of fish on a dish for 人日 celebration.



Please leave your comments below on the food or the information I have provided above. I am new to blogging and am trying to improve myself.

All photos are taken by me from my phone.

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